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Tips For Choosing The Right Size Shoes

Whether you're shopping for dress shoes or casual sneakers, there are a few basic rules that will help you choose the right size shoes. Here are 10 tips for getting a proper shoe fit. ...(more)

Shoe Fitting Tips

When shopping for shoes, the trickiest part can be choosing a pair that fits you correctly. If you purchase a pair that is too tight or rubs in the wrong places, you can end up miserable, tending blisters and other foot ailments. Follow these tips to ensure that you find the right fit....(more)

Online Kids' Shoes Size Chart

Kids grow so fast it is hard to keep up with their shoe sizes. If you are not sure what size your children wear, and you do not have time to go get their feet measured, don't worry. There are many charts online that provide you with this information. Check out the following websites to determine your kids' shoe sizes....(more)

Shoe Sizing for the Large-Footed

If you're an individual with particularly large feet, then you know finding just the right shoe size for the ideal fit can often be a pain. This can be for any number of reasons including lack of availability in the shoes you love. Or in more seldom cases, you have to pay high prices for huge unattractive shoes. If these challenges face you, follow these steps to find the perfect shoes....(more)


7 Unique Gift Ideas for Shoe Lovers

Whether you are shopping for a birthday present, Christmas gift, or another occasion, the following seven gifts are sure to be appreciated by any shoe lover....(more)

Unusual Traditions Involving Shoes

The following unusual customs show how different cultures use shoes to provide entertainment at important life events and, sometimes, to find spiritual guidance....(more)

How to Clean Leather Shoes

It is essential that you clean your leather shoes properly to preserve them and ensure you can wear them for years. Without proper care, leather can dry out until it cracks and eventually falls apart. Luckily, cleaning and protecting leather shoes requires products that are easy to find at general stores. Follow these easy steps to clean your smooth leather shoes and help keep them looking their best all year long....(more)


5 Tips to Lessen High Heel Pain

Ladies, we have a love-hate relationship with our high heels. We love the way heels lengthen and slenderize our legs, boost our ego, and make any outfit look chic. But high fashion comes with a price, and our feet are paying it. Luckily, there are some great products available to help us out, and a few things we can do to prevent trouble. Here are five tips to make your worst-offending high heels feel more comfortable....(more)

7 Comfortable Shoe Brands for Work

When it comes to selecting shoes to wear to work, comfort is key. Those who spend the majority of the day on their feet need shoes that provide ample cushioning and a great, rub-free fit. Office workers need both comfort and style, but daily wear of dress shoes can take a toll on the feet and back over time. Luckily, there are many brands that provide choices that are both comfy and fashionable. The following shoe brands will keep your feet comfortable at work so you can focus on the tasks on your to-do list....(more)

Questions About Lift Shoes

Lift shoes are among the most popular orthopedic shoes there are. There are also a number of other reasons people wear them. If you have considered them bit not yet purchased a pair, you may still have some questions. You are about to have your questions answered so that you can make a more fully informed buying decision....(more)

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